Fragrance Descriptions

APRICOT NECTAR: Sweet and tart apricot with a touch of floral and dewey greens make this a winner with customers.

BANANA NUT BREAD: Sweet banana, warm cinnamon & nutmeg, and a hint of vanilla. Our first ever scent and still a favorite!

BANOFFEE PIE: NEW to the lineup for Fall and we love it! Sugary delicious toffee and sweet mellow banana make uo this favorite dessert candle.

BLOOD ORANGE: A bold scent with strong top notes of zesty orange and spicy cloves.

BOURBON + BUTTERSCOTCH: Just like the name implies this is a blend of sweet and rich butterscotch and mellow Kentucky Bourbon. A touch of vanilla rounds out this fantastic scent!

CARAMEL TOBACCO: Masculine and mellow at the same time? This scent surprises most who venture to sniff and they love it! Sweet caramel and earthy tobacco leaves make a great combo scent.

CEDARLEAF + LAVENDER: Sweet and earthy cedar top notes blend beautifully with the fragrant lavender oil making this a winner for all seasons!

COFFEE + CREAM: Smooth blend cold brew coffee, sweet vanilla, and heavy cream make a mellow but satisfying scent.

COFFEE CRUMB CAKE: A true blend of coffee and strudel sure to make everyone happy!

COFFEE HOUSE: Similar to our Coffee + Cream but with added notes of caramel to recreate walking into your favorite coffee shop.

COZY CASHMERE: Soft and warm with a blend of cedar and vanilla. Customers rave about this one!

DARK WATERS: A complex mix of several oils like cardamom and ozone to make a truly fantastic and unique scent. Masculine undertones make this a great anywhere scent!

FALL FESTIVAL: Bringing it back and better than ever! Notes of caramel and crisp green apple blended to Fall perfection.

 GRAPEFRUIT + MANGOSTEEN: Surprisingly bold and fresh with zesty citrus notes paired with sweet and spicy mangosteen and a hint of apple.

HOT APPLE CIDER: A favorite every year, four years running. Warm cinnamon, delicious red apple, and a touch of lemon.

LEMON SUGAR COOKIE: True to its name Lemon Sugar Cookie has the perfect blend of sweet cookie and lemon citrus zest!

LUMBERJACK: Spicy and warm all at the same time with masculine undertones. Musk, oak, and a touch of smoke to create a cozy Fall fragrance.

MORNING BREW: Strong notes of rich bold coffee blended with a dash of sweet caramel make this a winner year - round.

MULLED CIDER: NEW to the list this year and we are loving it! Spiced orange, nutmeg, sweet apple, and cinnamon to make a warm and inviting Fall scent.

NIGHT CAP: NEW for Fall! Notes of fresh coffee and bourbon make this a cozy and inviting scent for the season.

PNW: A nod to our region here in the Pacific Northwest with notes of pine, earthy greens, and a touch of sage.

PUMPKIN CHEESECAKE: An amazing blend of earthy pumpkin, cinnamon, butter, and a hint of cream make up this brought back favorite scent.

SATURDAY MORNING CARTOONS: We are so excited to offer this brand new scent to the lineup! Smells like a bowl of your favorite cereal from childhood. Notes of lemon, orange, cherry, and a touch of vanilla. Delicious!

 SPECKLED PEAR: Simple bartlett pear and a hint of sweet apple and vanilla shine in this beautiful scent!

SUNSET IN NAPA: This complex scent blends earthy greens, sweet citrus, warm grapes, and a hint of cream to bring it all together.

TOASTED SPICE: Simple but sophisticated and perfect everywhere scent for Fall. All-spice, nutmeg, and cinnamon for warmth, we have customers ask for it every year!

TOFFEE CRUNCH: Bold caramel and vanilla with a hint of almonds make this a keeper for the season!

WAFFLES + PECANS: Sweet vanilla, earthy nutty pecans, and a hint of cream make up this cozy scent.

WARM CINNAMON + WILD TOBACCO: With a hint of tobacco leaves and warm cinnamon spice for balance, customers love this unexpected scent.

WOODWORK + PLAID: A mix of masculine and clean with notes of Fraser Fir and clean lemon.